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The 2000 Series is a professional and highly specialised range of survey products designed to meet the most demanding survey applications. The modular design of the system enables complete scaleability for future growth and can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles due to its limited requirement of computer hardware.

Various Hawkeye 2000 modules are typically installed onto a dedicated Network Survey Vehicle (NSV). The type of vehicle used as the NSV is entirely the client’s choice and is commonly dictated by specific requirements of the project, end user and location the vehicle will be operated in.


• Network and project level road and asset collection surveys
• Routine Pavement monitoring surveys
• Roadside inventory and asset management
• Road geometry and mapping surveys
• Contractor quality control
• Road safety assessment
• Airport runway maintenance


• Modular design allows for product expansion to meet
changing needs and the adoption of new technology.  
• Fully integrated system with common data and survey
control referencing, utilising the Heartbeat module.
• Available with one or two operator consoles.  
• Enables safe and efficient data collection for both
urban and rural surveys.
• Survey time is reduced by collecting all condition data
and imagery in a single pass.  
• Uses standard interfaces and protocols to take
advantage of future devices and protect your


PARK 2000, Suite 1
10 Kyalami Road,
Pinetown, Durban,
South Africa 3610


Phone: (+27) 31 700 2500
Cell: (+27) 82 823 1092
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