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Pavement Management Intelligence

ARRB Systems offers the benefits of advanced technology and highly qualified, experienced personnel who have gained specific knowledge in pavement data collection.

Our equipment has been used to measure the quality of road networks throughout the world. This involvement in the international market ensures the latest standards are being met and products are designed to address the specific needs of our users.

With teams dedicated to the development, integration, support and production of the equipment, ARRB Systems is able to offer a fully scalable solution to meet your data collection needs.



ARRB Systems has developed the first fully integrated road surface and sub-surface condition assessment system, providing functional and structural data at highway speeds.


Walking Profiler G3

The Walking Profiler G3 is a high-precision measurement instrument for collecting surface condition information, at true walking speed.


Survey Solutions

A suite of survey products including; Hawkeye 2000 Series, Hawkeye 1000 Series, FWD, ASFT.

Total Surveyed
(as of end 2017)


Paved Roads (kms)


Unpaved Roads (kms)


PARK 2000, Suite 1
10 Kyalami Road,
Pinetown, Durban,
South Africa 3610 

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